A Letter to My Community

At McDermott-Crockett Mortuary, we are completely community centered. We pride ourselves on being the only provider in the area with a staff dedicated to community outreach. We support many churches, charities and civic organizations, and many of our programs are free of charge.

Jennifer Parks

General Manager and Funeral Arrangement Counselor

McDermott-Crockett Mortuary

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A Letter to My
Community Family,

I am constantly amazed by the gifts that I have been given, the lessons that I have learned and the power of love in our community. The people that make up Santa Barbara are diverse and complex, with rich history and deep roots that span many generations. Our legacy is one of passion, commitment and involvement, recognizing that we are all woven together in the fabric of our community.

McDermott-Crockett Mortuary has deep roots in Santa Barbara. Although the traditions of funeral services have changed, our commitment to this town and its people are as important today as they were 108 years ago.
Hosting and participating in community events is one way we honor our ancestors so that we never forget the foundation on which we were built. “Gone but not Forgotten” is a public memorial service where we honored the men and women that were not mourned by anyone when they died. By organizing this service we narrated a story that would have been otherwise untold. Because someone remembered, they will never be forgotten.

We know the importance of honoring a life. We believe that every story deserves to be told and we are honored to be invited to help you tell the story of your loved one.

Jennifer Parks

McDermott-Crockett & Associates Mortuary
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